Access colour options coming soon

Em En Designs graphics for accessible print and web logo: a prancing sheep and two hazel nuts

A few samples

Some images link to the relevant website or details of the job. If you would like more information, please get in touch.

Hand drawn calligraphy in grey for Act where the red cross-piece of the A joins with that of the t to then form a right-facing arrow
logo in red lower case font with the o in green, modified to form a sprouting seed

colourful logo in orange, green, cyan and magenta; incorporating the electrical symbol for a brige modified to form a circle which is echoed visually in the round letterforms of the company name

show-me-the-access-dot-co-dot-uk logo: multi-coloured vertical stripes which change at the word breaks instead of spaces
image of page: this links to home page of web site for bespoke seeds, offering personalised packets of seed for promotional and gift market; includes similar style of logo to - see below
image of page: this: links to home page of web site for a locally based seed grower cultivating seeds in China and South America
image of page: this links to home page of web site for Number 15 Bed and Breakfast, highly rated veggie B and B
image of page: this links to home page of web site for show me the access dot co dot uk; a simple idea to change the world with a shoestring budget
logo for Association of Palliative Care Social Workers
logo for QUM quality and management consultancy
logo for an online shop for garden seeds
logo for Inclusive Media: lower case i and m within a solid black circle. The right hand edge of the m disappears outside the circle. The dot of the i is yellow, enlarged and touches the opposite edge of the circle
complete redesign of full colour travel brochure for Delta Travel
Promotional postcard for Number 15 Bed and Breakfast featuring the client's own fabulous photos, though I did give him some tips on setting up the shots
postcard promoting a social enterprise working to build capacity among disabled people's organisations
pull-up banner for Shaping Our Lives, a national user-led organisation promoting inclusion
pull-up banner for Disability Equality North West, furthering the human rights of disabled people across the region
pull-up banner for Pathways Reflexology, an established practice and training school in Norwich
It's coming: it isn't a bird, it isn't a plane - it's the staff survey! First in a series of posters to engage staff in completing a survey
cover for Muscle Power report Bureaucratic Barriers to Normal Day-to-Day Activity.  Graphic of a large pair of scissors - handles towards you! - cutting through red tape.
  Simple pen and ink image with hand lettering inspired by a traditional Christmas song

Website banner for Open Christmas. Links to animated gif image, splashes of colour and glitz spilling out, finishing with a large star and seasonal greeting
Greeting card with medieval style angels playing treaditional and modern instruments
cover of ring binder for a resource pack for trainers