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Em En Designs graphics for accessible print and web logo: a prancing sheep and two hazel nuts

Effective communication

  • practical experience in design for print
  • value for money solutions
  • a straightforward approach to web design
  • flexible teamwork

Micro business

If you're a sole trader looking for business cards and a logo that will work on your facebook page and twitter profile Em En Designs can help. What is created for you will be designed to be adaptable as your business grows.

Small / medium sized social enterprise or company

For an SME seeking better accessibility on your website to improve its search engine optimization, Em En Designs can do that too. You get the advantage of people who know first hand about the importance of accessibility, so reaching that growing hidden market also becomes more possible.

Corporations and local authorities

Perhaps you represent a larger company looking for a fresh approach to infographics for a special presentation or a report. See what Em En Designs can do for you.

Disabled people's organisations

DPOs benefit from our professional skills and personal experience. We bring solutions from people who already get it – you don't need to re-train them.

Translating your vision into visual reality...

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