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Em En Designs graphics for accessible print and web logo: a prancing sheep and two hazel nuts

The KISS principle*

Keep It Short and Simple

Less is more: less sophisticated structures are more easily repaired and modified.

Design for print

I use tried and tested design practices to produce affordable, effective graphics for print in a style that enhances your product or service, with typography that only draws attention to itself in the best way.

Design for web sites

By avoiding the temptation of unnecessary bells and whistles, my aim is to offer you attractive and appropriate web designs that are not only compliant with recognised standards, but load rapidly; making them accessible to screen readers and search engines alike, and are therefore more easily found by your potential customers.

With Em En Designs you get the benefit of people who are used to making a little go a long way in terms of resources. Working to an agreed brief drastically reduces the scope for unexpected costs, but faced with an unforeseen question to which we don't know the answer, we'll say so, and do our utmost to find it for you. We use our experience to deliver imaginative, cost effective ways of getting your printed brochures and publicity material to work harder for you, while still looking good; and websites that you're comfortable with managing yourself, or having us manage for you.

If this flexible approach to design and problem-solving appeals to you, call Molly on 01603 301840 or send an email.

*See the explanation and the original version of the concept on Wikipedia.